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Finance? Why would you want to study that? Isn't it just about money? If you've ever expressed an interest in finance, you probably had some people in your life who reacted that way. You may not have known how to respond. We have a suggestion for that. We recommend explaining that finance is about more than money. It's about responsibility, your future, and smart planning. If you would like to learn more about the responsibility and planning aspects of finance, this blog is a good place to do it. We'll also post about money, so be ready for that, too.


Get The Most Out Of Your Tax Accountant’s Services

11 July 2022
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A tax accountant does more than prepare and file business taxes. They also serve as an advisor and can provide insight on how to keep accurate records or make a purchase or sale that could affect how much money you owe the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To get the most out of the services that your tax accountant provides, implement the following tips into your business plan. Record Keeping Record keeping allows you to keep track of every dollar spent and earned. Read More …